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Exercise to be Healthy, Not Skinny


Kanessa Health is a health and wellness lifestyle brand created with the curvy woman in mind. The aim of Kanessa Health is to provide a holistic approach to how we view health and wellness in the areas of nutrition, fitness, wellness, sexual health, relationships, mental health, pregnancy and a host of other topics.

Kanessa Health was born from a series of conversations between namesake Kanessa and her personal trainer, Shurman, in early 2019. It quickly became clear to the duo,who share a common love for fitness,that there were many areas of health and wellness that didn’t empower plus-size women while simultaneously educating them on what it means to achieve optimal health.

After some lengthy and passionate discussions, Shurman encouraged Kanessa to become an outlet for women who could use a relatable resource to promote body positivity yet also hold them accountable.

It was then that Kanessa sprung into action by exploring the minds of her followers to better understand the kind of content they wanted to see and hear from her. Thus, Kanessa Health was founded as the latest extension of The Kanessa Official Brand, a fitness and sportswear apparel line designed for curvy and voluminous women.

We realize that there are a lot of misnomers, misinformation, and misunderstandings about health for plus-sized women. In this space, we willshare helpful tips, educational resources,personal experiences and more around these topics.

Health is not only a state of mind, but a state of being. For that reason, we encourage you to strive for a 360 degree, holistic approach to health besides what can merely be seen with the eye.

We hope you enjoy what you find through our vlogs, blogs, videos, and social channels. As always, we thank you for your support and hope that by fostering a community that promotes a healthy lifestyle that we also promote being the best version of ourselves.

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