We Currently Don’t Have Classes Due To Lockdown Measures.

It’s Time For A Fete!!

Take your workout routine a step further with Fit Fete. Why stick to exercising alone with just your playlist when you can have so much fun with other workout enthusiasts like you? We have some good news for you! We’re excited to get started on physical classes with soca and afro music. We have a brilliant mix of dancing and exercises that help you burn more than a thousand calories as you feel the rhythm of the music through your body. It’s time to update your dance moves checklist.

At Kanessa Health, we believe in using unique methods to achieve a healthier body. It’s so much better with music. We discovered how workout routines with music leave you feeling more vitalized and reduce your stress levels. There is a huge chance you love music, and Afro-Caribbean music is excellent for your soul. Let us be a part of your fitness journey as you take it to a higher level with Kanessa Health.

Our high-intensity cardio workout event starts on the 6th of November 2020 and well take place every Friday. Have you watched all our workout videos and wanted to be part of that energy? Well, now is your chance. Every video you have ever watched about how upbeat and effective our workouts are is now available live! To join Kanessa Health’s workout events, all you need is a valid ticket for one hour of heavy workout and freestyle dance movements.

We don’t ignore the fact that COVID-19 is still with us. Therefore, we take SAFETY MEASURES VERY SERIOUSLY. We respect the rules and want all participants to be safe as they work towards a fitter lifestyle, which means we have put all precautions in place. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Amsterdam for a healthy mix of fun and an intense workout routine where you feel truly free.

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