The Caribbean and African styles

Using elements of Caribbean and African styles involves a lot of elaborate arm movements, hopping, and super-fast footwork. Although this dance is done with a lot of upbeat musical styles, including reggae, dancehall, and calypso, we will be using soca music for our dance workouts. What you will love most about this dance style is that it gets you physically active with a soothing sound that just makes you want to move your body all day. Even better, we combine your hips with aerobics by twerking and whining your body to flexibility.

Pure soca dancing

Purely a Caribbean dance style, our soca dancing is combined with cardio workouts to get you more inspired on your fitness journey. All you need to join this workout routine is a lot of positivity and enthusiasm. With our intense soca dance moves, you can burn as much as a thousand calories with just an hour workout session. The full-body dance rhythms are both invigorating and refreshing.


Formed as a genre of Jamaican pop culture, dancehall became quite popular in the 2000s with dance steps that were just as important as the music. These iconic dancehall moves have been mixed with some equally impressive dance styles to create banging workout routines. These dancehall moves are more commonly classified as afrobeats. With a lot of kicking, twerking, whining, and leg movements, we have made the dance truly ours in a way that improves your overall health.